DAY 4- Eat slowly

This one always reminds me of my brother, growing up he was always told to eat slowly and don’t inhale your food lol.
The world today is so rushed and we all feel like we have so much to do with no time to do it.
Its tough to have sit down meals every night and when meals do come around we tend to “inhale” or gobble our food down just to get it over and done with.

It is important to take meal time seriously. Food is an essential part of living. We put so much stress on our bodies to perform all of our daily hectic activities but we need to treat our bodies with respect and give it the fuel to make it run at its best.
Here are some pro’s for eating slower:
* Enjoy your food
*Better digestion- Enzymes in saliva help break down the food, so it gets digested more easily and fully. The more chewing work you do, the less strain on your gut.
*Prevents overeating- it takes 20 min for your body to register its full.
*Reduce stress- Use your meal time to exercise mindfulness


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