DAY 6- Eat Breakfast!

Now that your getting 8 hours of sleep we need to make sure to start the day off right!

In a survey done by Didier Garriguet (Overview of Canadians’ Eating Habits) in 2004 through statistics Canada “on average, about 18% of daily calories are consumed at breakfast. Snacks, that is, food or drinks consumed between meals, actually account for more calories: 27% for children and adolescents and 23% for adults. Lunch makes up another 24% of daily calories, and dinner, 31% for children and adolescents and 36% for adults.”

These numbers are crazy! 18% of your daily caloric value for breakfast is not enough! Ive read up on this and the consensus seems to be 25-40% for breakfast. Thats a big jump from 18%.
You need to eat breakfast every day. Skipping this crucial meal can deprive you of nutrients and energy, reduce your concentration, and could make you gain weight.
Also by skipping breakfast is next to impossible to meet your nutritional needs.
According to Canada’s Food Guide, adult women need at least seven servings of fruit and veggies per day, six of breads and cereals, two of dairy, and two of meat and alternatives.
How on earth could you pack all of that into 2 meals a day?(Answer: You can’t!)
So start your day by checking off at least two or three servings from the list.


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