Day 7- Take the stairs

So this one is pretty easy and straight forward.
Take the stairs! No elevators, no escalators!

I will only take the escalator if my knee is really bothering me but this is rare.
Ill bet that most of you encounter stairs on a daily basis.
I challenge you all to opt for the stairs from now on!
Stairs can be quite daunting especially if you work or live in a high rise. My suggestion to you is to take the stairs as high as you can then take the elevator. once that becomes comfortable then walk higher and higher until you reach your final destination by walking up the whole way.
If you encounter no stairs at all park your car further away from your destinations or get off the bus a few stops early and walk.

Yes, really! its that SIMPLE

10 reasons you should take the stairs:

*FREE workout
*Improves heart health
*Can actually be faster than the escalator or elevator
*Burn even more calories
*Makes your legs stronger
*Good for your cardiorespiratory health
*Releases endorphins- makes you more positive and “feel good”
*Builds confidence
*Loose weight (up to 6lbs a year)

So there you have it!

A little clip of how 66% more people took the stairs.
a “Fun experiment”


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