Day 8- Pack your lunches

Packing your lunch seems so easy …right?

Not for me anyway…At the start of every week I always set out to pack my lunches.
Monday is great! I have the coolest lunch filled with the best looking (and healthiest) sandwich, perfectly sliced veggies and fruit and some mouth watering snacks.
Tuesday usually is whatever I can find and throw in…a whole cucumber? SURE ill cut it at work.
Wednesday is a trip to the local -overpriced- sandwich place or sushi bar.

Now, I’m sure Im not the only one who functions like this. We get all gung-ho for it only to flop. After thinking about this “challenge” last night I realized my faults….Commitment and consistency.  Clearly I was not committed to putting in an actual effort to ensure my lunches were packed and I was not consistent because I was not committed to packing the lunches EVERYDAY.

My solution:
looking at my week and my regular schedule Sundays after work is a realistic time for me to cook/bake/prep all I need for the week.  So since this is happening on Sunday I will prep my menu plan for the week and buy the groceries on Saturday (my full day off). On Sat there are so many farmers markets and community events to take part in to keep my enthusiasm alive.

Each week write down and post up your menu board. My schedule is usually fairly set so I can plan my days for when Im home in the evenings or home in the morning. If I need to pack my lunch/dinner I will write that note on the previous day as a reminder (not all can be done on Sunday). Also, if we are having fish on Friday Im not going to by my fish the Sat prior I will write a note one to two days before so I remember to pick it up.

The Martha Stewart in me loves this Menu board….(source)
The realistic menu board would look something like this….(source)

I also love and have a “laptop lunch” box. They are these cute bento box lunch boxes. I Bought mine in Ottawa at a recent visit but here is *the link* to check it out and possibly buy online.

So this post is going to help keep me accountable for this goal. Its going to be tough but it takes 21 days to form a habit.


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