Day 13- Grocery shop on a full stomach.

I was thinking about what today was and I felt it was more of a tip than a challenge….until I thought about all the times I’ve gone grocery shopping.
Most of the timeĀ  I’m preoccupied with work or house stuff until I’m so hungry my stomach decides to become a cannibal and start to eat it’s self….well not literally. This is the time I either eat out or go grocery shopping, both a bad idea. At the grocery store I throw in crap food like doughnuts, chocolate, cookies, scones, jelly beans etc anything quick and looks good. In addition to the added calories I also spend a fortune on food that I cant turn into meals to last me all week.
So, as I make these 31 days of change I have to buckle down and get organized.
A few days ago I posted about making a meal plan. I chose Saturday to plan and go grocery shopping. Depending on my plans I will organize my shopping trip at a time when my stomach is full.
This is a money and calorie saving tip as much as it will be a challenge. Like I said in another post, it takes 21 days to form a habit and I am fully committed!


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