Day 16- the 2 hour rule

To succsufully loose weight our keep it off, you’ll need to stop eating two ish hours before going to bed.

You should go to bed with an empty stomach but not feel starving. When you’re trying to lose weight, slipping into bed at night feeling slightly hungry is actually a good thing. It’s your body telling you that what you did that day is working — you’re losing body fat.
Now lets say you follow your brain’s directive and eat close to bedtime, your body will not dip into the fat it has stored away.
During the day, every time you eat, your metabolism increases slightly. This effect is lost or decreased late at night. You don’t get the same metabolism-boosting benefit when you eat just before bed, because a couple of hours after dinner, your body begins preparing for sleep. This natural decrease of your metabolic rate overrides any metabolic boost you might get from eating. So once you hit the pillow, the only calories you’re going to use are the basic calories you need to keep your heart beating and your lungs breathing and allow your eyes to move in REM sleep. This is only a minimal number of calories.

The 2 hour rule is a better one to live by than to stop eating after 7 pm. Everyone is on such a different life schedule and if your like me I finish work at 10 pm. With this rule I will make sure to pack my dinner to eat on my two hour commute home on the bus. I will usually”wind down”an hour or so after getting in so this will be perfect timing.


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