Day 17- trade an entrée for an appy


I’m so excited for this weekend! I’ve got some beach time planned tomorrow and then dinner with friends in the evening.
Todays challenge is today instead of tomorrow so we can think about it all weekend. Most of us go out to eat and such over the weekends so I thought this challenge was perfect for the weekend.

When your out at a resturant don’t primitively wear your”dinner baby pants” and full yourself so full you bloat like your 6 months pregnant (I definitely do this but im not actually sure if normal people experience this…I’ve been told im a little wack 😉 )
Go to the resturant in your skinnies or a dress and order an appetizer instead of a main entrée.
You will save a lot of calories and still be satisfied. Appetizer plates these days come with enough food so it should work out.


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