Day 20- try the gym or a fitness class

Todays challenge is pretty self explanatory…

I realize that a lot of us hate going to the gym and I totally get it. I hate working out next to the ego maniacs who check themselves out in the mirror, grunt and drop the weights so it makes a huge sound just so that people who were not looking are looking at them now….. *breath* sorry for the mild rant. For those who don’t mind the gym or have never been (it’s not actually as bad as I explained) try it out. A lot of gym’s have intro packages you can try to see if you like it. Personally I prefer the community centers. I feel I get the most for my money. I have access to many different facilities in my area and I have access to the pools, skating rinks, fitness classes, the gym…..etc.

If you are not one for the gym I would recommend taking fitness classes, dance classes, or even an organized sport that requires some cardio activity. There are so many classes at so many different places at so many different times. I hear so many people giving the excuse”there are none at a time that’s convenient for me” I call the B.S. train on that one. It’s just an excuse not to try. Ok well maybe if your in a crazy ass small town with like 200 people, then yes that excuse is valid.
If you already are part of a gym and they specifically don’t have one at a time that suits you, don’t shy away from trying a class at a private studio. They are super cheap if it’s your first time…sometimes even free!

For the Mom’s out there it’s so hard with kids especially if they are not in school yet. I was looking at some community center and yoga studio programs and there are quite a few moms and kids classes or even child minding services.

So try something new! You will only gain from the experience.


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