Day 21- Only eat when you’re hungry

“Well of course, I only eat when I’m hungry”

But do you actually know when your body really needs food?

Many people eat on a schedule but they’re never really hungry, which tells you that your actually eating too much!
That  little extra food day after day can be what’s causing the unwanted pounds to appear. So, even when you’re eating super healthy and balanced at the right times and never having a sense of mild to moderate hunger you’re probably eating more than your body needs to reach and maintain your ideal weight.

Intense hunger is when its hard to concentrate, you want to shove any and every type of food into your mouth and your irritable and grouchy….this is a sucky feeling and just before this happens is when you want to eat.

Mild to moderate hunger is normal and it’s something you should be experiencing about four times a day. This feeling is your body’s food meter and It’s a signal that your metabolism is in gear and working. Its telling you that you’ve used up or burned off the previous meal and that it’s time to refuel for the hours ahead.

It will take some getting used to but really try and tune into your body and listen to all the ques it gives you.

Here is an experiment I got from fit sugar:

“If this sounds familiar, try an experiment: eat a balanced breakfast, like a small bowl of cooked oats topped with fruits and nuts with a glass of milk or soy milk, then pay attention to how long it takes you to feel physical sensations of hunger. You shouldn’t be starving, but you should feel a little stomach rumbling. If you’re still not hungry five hours after the meal, try cutting back a little on your portions the next day. The goal is to establish a steady hunger-fullness pattern — you want to be hungry when you wake up, then mildly hungry every three to five hours after that. Hunger is kind of like your body’s built-in meter for keeping you in balance — embrace it (again not intense, but mild to moderate hunger) and use it to your advantage.”

good luck!

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