Day 22-Decrease your coffee intake


Most of us drink coffee, tea, and or pop at least once a day, most likely more.
For those of us who drink more than one cup of a caffeine beverage (especially coffee) it’s important to cut back. There are lots of tea’s that are actually good for us and pop should be cut completely so I’ll just keep this post mostly about coffee.

Some reasons to cut back,
-Coffee is extremely acidic.
-Coffee can deplete us of nutrients. Drinking lots of coffee can cause a in B 1 vitamin deficiency. This can make us feel nervous and achy.  When we drink coffee regularly it can also prevent nutrients from being absorbed efficiently
-Coffee is one of the most heavily pesticide sprayed crops. Much of our coffee comes from South America, and specifically Colombia, and uses pesticides such as heptachlor, chlordane and deiedrin. These pesticides are toxic to our body!
-Drinking a lot ofcoffee
for the long-term taxes our liver. The liver can get overloaded trying to detoxify out all the chemical residue in coffee, along with all the caffeine. This then impedes us having fresh, clean blood and being able to grow and regenerate healthy tissue.
-make you moody and cause dips in your energy.

if your are still a coffee drinker here are a few things to think about,

Try to buy organic coffee! Don’t pollute your body with all those poisonous chemicals that are rampant in coffee crops.

-Don’t think decaf is any better! Decaf coffee usually has the caffeine extracted from it by a chemical called trichloroethylene, which is toxic. It has been used in dry-cleaning and for degreasing metals!

-Try switching some of your regular cups of coffee to Yerba Mate, which is a tea that has caffeine, but less, and is a good transition drink

-Don’t drink more than one coffee a day, TOPS.
One cup a day isn’t going to kill you, but it would be best to wean down to a few times a week…

Good luck with this challenge, I know for some of us it’ll be testing.

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