Day 24- start a healthy journal.


Starting a journal of any kind can be a little but daunting for some of us (my self included). Recently, after starting this blog, I bought a book to start recording everything I was doing. To be honest it is still sitting on my desk blank and empty.
As I glanced at it today before I took off to work I realized then what day 24 would be.

a healthy journal is an important tool to help keep your goals on track and help keep you focused.
The journal I have has some sticker tabs you can add to organize the journal.
My tabs include:
Goals-I put this at the front so I can see them each and every time I open my book. I used the SMART goal setting to set these goals (stay tuned for a post in this)

Weigh in-part of my goals include measurements and fat% (among other goals) so this section I set dates for weigh in to track my progress. In this section I also write down how im on track with my other goals.

Thoughts & inspiration- here I’ll put quotes and add pictures or anything I like that will keep me motivated and if im having a bad day I can look at.

Workout-here I track my workouts. I’ll do these and reassess every 4 ish weeks.

Rules- here I have some stats and rules such as my personal calorie intake,  how many servings of each food groups I need, my knee and injury exercises I need to be doing, etc etc….

Now, you can put in your own sections or just simply have a daily journal with your goals at the front. Whatever or however you organize your journal you MUST have your SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely) goal(s).
This will keep you on your yellow brick road 😉


2 thoughts on “Day 24- start a healthy journal.

  1. I too find journals a bit daunting. Like, where to begin…right?! I’ve tried leather bound journals, but they always created anxiety that someone would find it, read it, and be less than supportive of whatever they may have read. It also kept me from being truthful to myself and what I really wanted to write, therefore defeating the purpose in the first place. I am now trying a blog to see if being “anonymous” will help me speak my mind completely. Obviously, my kind of journal is a little different than yours as I am not pursuing a weight loss journey, but the idea I think is the same. All the best to you. Let me know what works and what doesn’t! Ciao for now 🙂

    • Im so glad you’ve decided to write a blog. I checked it out and I am intrigued. Our blogs are different but similar. I am trying to live a healthier lifestyle and trying to become a happier person in general. We are from the same area too…I am from the greater Vancouver area. I wish you all the best with your blog and your pregnancy! your 4 months ish away!
      I look forward to reading more from you.

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