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I Did It! My first running event!

I did it!
As part of my September goals (Click here to see the post), I set myself to run the CIBC run for the cure on Sept 30th…which was TODAY!
I was really nervous last night and this morning. I had knee surgery last Nov. so I never thought I could actually participate in these events…like ever. As I began going to the gym and testing out my ability I came to the realization that I was able to run! In realizing this I decided what better way to start running again than to participate in this amazing event. Continue reading

I hit a speed bump!

So I’ve got the 5km run for the cure on sunday and Im not ready.

I started all gung ho especially since I decided to do it right after the 31days to a healthier you challenge ended.
These last two weeks have been brutal. I started to teach again two weeks ago. I now teach 13 classes in total and work as a hairdresser who is in charge of the companies staff development.
This leaves me with only saturdays off. Which is my”prep day”so im working anyway.

Why do I have to be so busy all the time? I do it to myself and then I get all discouraged because I feel so overwhelmed. In addition I’ve got bad knees (and joints in general) and I just got diagnosed with de quevains tendonitis of my right wrist and have been in a lot of pain. I am feeling very discouraged lately and im just waiting for the next thing to hit me….. Continue reading

How to do a proper SQUAT.

Squats are the most hated and the most loved exercises.
-tones your legs and lower half
-lifts your bum 😉
-strengthens core
-builds mobility and balance
-build muscle to support knees
-one of the most functional exercises for any and every body in real life
-they are hard
-makes your muscles burn like a b*~$h Continue reading

NEVER skip your Warm up

I am super anal about warming up. It is so important and if skipped can cause harm and injury.

The warm up
– Gradually increases heart rate and tells your body to get ready for whats coming and increases blood flow
– It literally warms you up. your muscles will be warm and more agile
– Increases synovial fluid in your joints. “The principal role of synovial fluid is to reduce friction between the articular cartilage of synovial joints during movement.” (wikipedia)
-Allows the body to adapt and get ready for the specific type of exercise demand you will be putting on it.
-Your Oxygen supply will increase to meet its demand. Continue reading

How to make kale chips

Kale chips are my absolute favorite! I would choose these over chips any day.
I have kale growing in the garden right now


Doesn’t it look so good!
So since my kale is not ready quite yet I was happy to see some in our CSA box this week.
I urge you to try this recipe for kale chips it’s so simple AND healthy Continue reading