Day 25- Pick up a jump rope

Today, Saturday, we will be channeling our inner child.
I have many memories of jumping rope with friends to see who can do the most tricks as a  trio or a solo skipper…we even dabbled in double dutch.

As adults we neglect the rope. If you have kids go out and play with them. If not, they are so inexpensive and so portable.

The benefits of skipping:

Improves cardio fitness: skipping after 10 minutes are the same as thirty minutes of jogging, 15 minutes of running, 12 minutes of swimming (720 yards) and 2 tennis sets.

Weight Loss: Skipping helps to loose up to 1000 cal/hour.

Its Easy to do: Take the handles in each hand and go for it! (never forget warming up first)

Inexpensive: You can get one for under $15.00. I prefer the more expensive rubber ones but there are definitely less expensive ones.

Portability: You can stuff it anywhere…even a clutch (yes I just went to see if it worked…it did!) oh! you can also skip indoors or outdoors.

So many pro’s!
Put on your favorite tunes and go for it!


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