Day 27- write down your coming months goal

Ok so by now you should have your healthy journal, If not what day is better than today to get one? You may even have one lying around the house.

Since we are coming to the end of our 31 days to a healthier you (4 days exactly) we need to set goals for the coming month. Im definitely planning on making a lifestyle change and would like to stay on track. 
My goal is to be complete on september 30. Im part of the team BRASTACULAR to run for the cure. it’s a 5 km run which I think is a doable distance especially for my knee. If my knee is not preventing me I would like to run the whole way. I will train at minimum 5 days a week.

Im so excited!
I would love to know what your goals are.

check out our team!
We are accepting team members (for vancouver) until september 14
And  of course donations if it’s something you support.


2 thoughts on “Day 27- write down your coming months goal

  1. I love this sort of thing. I wrote a review of 2012 at the end of 2011, as if I’d already achieved all the things that I wanted. And without even consciously thinking about it, I only have one more thing to achieve. I even got the exam results I predicted myself. I’m going to write one of these to help me focus on the one last thing I’ve still got to do this year! And that it to teach my dog to come back when I call her, once and for all!

    • Thanks for the comment.
      Ya it’s crazy how if you simply write things down it happens. I have been really bad at it lately but im going to reassess my journal and continue along with it.
      Do you write down your years goals january first? Like resolutions? If that’s the case im impressed that you have done all but one and you still have 3 months left to complete the last!

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