Day 28- ditch the fad”diets”for good

Today is the day to promise yourself no”diets”…ever.
They all sound so tempting and trust me, I’ve been on my fair share.
Think back to all the times you have been on”a diet”? How did it go? If it were anything like mine the first three days were awesome, then is get cranky and irritable, then I would quit and give up. The diets that did last a month I most definitely gained it all back and probably then some.

This is so bad for your body, physically and mentally.
-They do not address the problem so when you stop you resume old eating habits. You need to look at your lifestyle and eating habits and change them
-often tell you to eliminate food groups. This to me is one if the biggest no no’s. Your body needs fat, protein, and carbs to function (along with nutrients and minerals etc) so what happens if you take away a foods group? Ex. Carbs feed your brain, with none you go crazy and become irrational. NEVER omit a food group.
-yo yo dieting can be harmful to your insides. Just think about all the things you put your body through while on a diet then switching to another drastic one?

CONSISTENTLY eat with in your calorie range and food guide specifications from all your foods groups and be active everyday.
This is the solution to live healthier, feel better for the long run! It’s a lifestyle change.
You can do it!


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