How to make kale chips

Kale chips are my absolute favorite! I would choose these over chips any day.
I have kale growing in the garden right now


Doesn’t it look so good!
So since my kale is not ready quite yet I was happy to see some in our CSA box this week.
I urge you to try this recipe for kale chips it’s so simple AND healthy

Homemade kale chips
Extra virgin Olive oil (or any other kind)
Sea salt
Oven or dehydrator

1.) wash and rip kale by hand. I don’t like the stem so I rip that off. Make sure you tear into bite size pieces.


*tip, take the stems and pieces you don’t want and put in a bag in the freezer. You can keep adding veggie scraps such as onion peel, celery ends, carrot tips etc…use this to make a veggie stock/broth in the future.



2.) Drizzle extra virgin olive oil just enough to lightly cover. Add salt to taste (this step is optional)


3.) Choose method to prepare:
Oven: pre heat to 350°. Scatter kale chips as flat as possible on a cookie tray. you need to sit in front of the stove because they can burn really fast. Take out when dark green or when they are as crispy as you like.
Dehydrator: (my method of choice) place kale in a single layer on each tray. I had to use 4 trays for this batch. Turn to 135° or med high and wait about 40 min or until they are as crispy as you like.


Beautiful tasty kale chips!
I ate mine quicker than it took to make them.


Hope you enjoyed and please share with me your experience trying this out.


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