NEVER skip your Warm up

I am super anal about warming up. It is so important and if skipped can cause harm and injury.

The warm up
– Gradually increases heart rate and tells your body to get ready for whats coming and increases blood flow
– It literally warms you up. your muscles will be warm and more agile
– Increases synovial fluid in your joints. “The principal role of synovial fluid is to reduce friction between the articular cartilage of synovial joints during movement.” (wikipedia)
-Allows the body to adapt and get ready for the specific type of exercise demand you will be putting on it.
-Your Oxygen supply will increase to meet its demand.

A skipped warm up will/can cause
-Muscle damage (muscle strain)
– Joint damange
– You will have a harder time with your routine. You wont have a sufficient amount of oxygen and blood flow.

Another point I wanted to make are the do’s and dont’s of warming up.
-Use big and controlled movements. ex. arm circles or grapevines
-Use similar movement patterns to the exercise you will be doing. ex, jazz dance doing slow controlled leg swings and ankle rotations.
-no jumping of any kind. Its too much impact for your joints right away. ex, jumping jacks.
– jogging is not a warm up. try walking at a brisk pace
– Do not use quick ballistic movements
– Stretch as a warm up. Stretching comes after a warm up or as a cool down.


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