How to do a proper SQUAT.

Squats are the most hated and the most loved exercises.
-tones your legs and lower half
-lifts your bum 😉
-strengthens core
-builds mobility and balance
-build muscle to support knees
-one of the most functional exercises for any and every body in real life
-they are hard
-makes your muscles burn like a b*~$h

I like to do them for their benefits, I also have to do them as rehab for my knees so squats and I have a love/hate relationship.

Even with all the benefits if you perform a squat improperly you can actually do a lot of damage.

Here are some tips to get those sexy goddess legs with out injury. ..

1. Hip hinge- the movement of a squat is the hinge from your hips. Pretend someone has a rope around your hips and is standing behind you. As they pull your hips hinge backwards towards them.

2. Head position keep your head inline with your spine. don’t look down to the floor or look to high up. I like to look at the base boards, this is where my neck is inline.

3.upper body- keep your chest up and shoulders back.

4. Stance- hip width or more apart (a wider stance to make it easier). Weight mostly on your heels.

5. Breath- exhale on your way down, inhale on your way up.


7.don’t forget your glutes! at the height (as you stand up straight) squeeze those glutes like your trying to hold a penny.

I hope this helps! stay tuned for a video of a killer leg workout!
Don’t forget to WARM UP!


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