I hit a speed bump!

So I’ve got the 5km run for the cure on sunday and Im not ready.

I started all gung ho especially since I decided to do it right after the 31days to a healthier you challenge ended.
These last two weeks have been brutal. I started to teach again two weeks ago. I now teach 13 classes in total and work as a hairdresser who is in charge of the companies staff development.
This leaves me with only saturdays off. Which is my”prep day”so im working anyway.

Why do I have to be so busy all the time? I do it to myself and then I get all discouraged because I feel so overwhelmed. In addition I’ve got bad knees (and joints in general) and I just got diagnosed with de quevains tendonitis of my right wrist and have been in a lot of pain. I am feeling very discouraged lately and im just waiting for the next thing to hit me…..
Im using this post as a rant to let this all out and to start new….
I will be active every day
I will exercise min 5 days a week
I will eat healthy
I will find and share my daily inspiration and motivation.
I will not become overwhelmed
I will take “me”time everyday
I will learn to say “no”
I will use my fitness journal
I will have short and long term goals
I will make a budget
I will cook more
I refuse to let things bother me.
I will be positive
I will be confident

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Instagram SaRawr2087


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