I Did It! My first running event!

I did it!
As part of my September goals (Click here to see the post), I set myself to run the CIBC run for the cure on Sept 30th…which was TODAY!
I was really nervous last night and this morning. I had knee surgery last Nov. so I never thought I could actually participate in these events…like ever. As I began going to the gym and testing out my ability I came to the realization that I was able to run! In realizing this I decided what better way to start running again than to participate in this amazing event.
My Friend along with a few of her family members and my boyfriend created a very small team and registered.

After much tossing and turning last night 6:30am came all too quickly. I forced down some Oatmeal and off we went. We wore ridiculous(but awesome) outfits (see pics below) and had a blast looking at all the tents and listening to the singers on stage.

When it was time to head to the start line I had butterflies in my stomach. I was so nervous that I would let myself down and would be unable to finish. As negative thoughts were rushing through my brain they were suddenly interrupted by Gangnam Style! the pre race warm up included some of the popular moves from the viral video which as a dancer had me all riled up! this was exactly what I needed to pick my spirits up.

1km came fast then next thing I knew it was the 3rd. After I passed the 3km mark it became difficult, I had to constantly tell my self to keep going. I was ok to slow down as long as I finished the run without stopping. My positive energy stayed strong the last 2km of the race by endorphins but also all the onlookers and cars honking us on. There was a woman on the corner just before the course took us on the bridge (which was the hardest part), she was in a wheelchair and was definitely going through cancer and had lost all of her hair. She was waving us all on with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen. She had tears in her eyes as she cheered us on. This was definitely my driving force for the rest of the run. Even though it is just a 5km run, a short distance for many people, it has such a great impact on everyone involved. I was so blessed to be able to raise money and participate.
I ended up finishing about 28 min. I am definitely proud of how I did.

This is the start of many runs to come.


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