Day 16- Turkey, Avocado, and Hummus Wrap

This Recipe I love for lunch. Avocado is one of my fav’s and who doesn’t like hummus!
Its super easy and great for those frantic morning “oh shit I have to pack my lunch” kind of days.

Turkey, Avocado, and Hummus Wrap

2 Tortillas (recipe here)
1/2 Avocado, ripe
2 Tbsp hummus (recipe here)
1 Turkey breast, cooked and sliced
Lettuce and/or spinach
Salt and pepper

-Smear hummus on your tortilla
-slice your avocado and place on top of hummus
-Add turkey and lettuce/spinach. S&P to taste
Fold and pack!

Its so easy! Now if your anything like me the folding of the wrap is the hardest part of this entire process. Ive included 2 videos on different ways to wrap a wrap:
This is the way I usually do it—->Click here
Never tried but looks cool——–>Click here


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