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Week 4-Gluten/Wheat free challenge

So as some of you have noticed week 4 came…and went.
I apologize for not posting but I got the horrid flu. It all started sunday and I’m still getting over it.
Anyway it was easy to stick to gluten free as a sickie in bed with a 103° fever.

Matt was kind enough to make me ginger and honey tea and make sure soup was ready in a pot on the stove ready to be heated and a wheat free muffin on my side table.

So there goes one challenge and on to the next.

What are your goals for the month of February?

Gluten Free lasagna

I winged this the other day and it turned out really well. Its really easy to adapt to your favorite ingredients.


Lasagna noodles (I used Annie’s G/F)
Tomato sauce ((Homemade is best)
Veggies of your choice (garlic, onion etc)
Olive oil
Cheese (finely grated)

-prep the noodles as directed on the box.
-In a frying pan, coat lightly with oil.
-Add and sweat minced garlic and chopped onions
-add veggies of your choice. I used kale and red chard.
– add a frozen cube of homemade veggie broth and place lid on to of the pan to “stream” the leafy greens.

Now your ready to layer.

Place tomato sauce as the base. Add pasta, sauce, veggies, pasta, sauce, veggies etc… Until your done.
On top add your finely grated cheese. I used mozzarella and bocconcini. If you like you can add sliced tomatoes to the top as well. I did and it went well.
Place in the stove for 45 min.

Let cool a little so its not burning lava hot
And enjoy!

Hump day!

Im so glad that I have survived the hump.

I started the day off with a beautiful brunch with my friend at Café Deux Soleil on commercial drive. They are a vegetarian/vegan place.
I ordered eggs and hash. I did not realize it came with bread but I did not eat the bread. It took everything in me to resist but I did.


For dinner I had leftovers of lasagna with some gluten free peanut butter cookies for a snack.
Today was definitely a random day full of “should haves…” But did my best.

Do you reach for the salty chips or the sugary cookies as your go to junk food choice?

I did exercise today!
After 6 hours at the studio getting costumes ordered and teaching I filmed my ICE exam with four good friends. Once we were done I realized the camera only taped 40 min! I thought I was going to cry. The class was 60 min long. Next wednesday will be attempt number 4 to film this. I just want to get it done!

So its Tuesday…

I am throughly enjoying sitting here writing this post on my phone. I sat down to do some choreography just in time for our reliable internet (through Telus) not to work….for the 3rd time in an hour.
F%+*ing Telus.
Does anyone else have this issue with them??

Sorry for the mild rant…

Today was pretty uneventful. I did a bit of packing this morning. Most of our life is in boxes at the moment. We have so much stuff!

I felt like having a little spontaneity this morning. I had oatmeal with honey instead of my usual two ingredient pancake. *gasp*
I know right! Im living on the edge!
I also paired this with a coffee and some Girls Aloud.


I was productive in the kitchen Continue reading


Yes the dreaded Monday has come…and gone by the time this will be up.
It was a cold one today. I woke up to snow! I hate the snow. Living 20 years in Ottawa I’ve had my fill.
Regardless of this cold and wet powder that attaches to everything I still had to get to work, today is a hairdressing day.
Ive got two pairs of rain boots I can wear in the snow. Magically both have the soles coming apart. On both pairs the upper portion has literally lifted off the sole to expose my poor little foot and make it all wet…and cold!
Did I mention I’m allergic to the cold? yes it actually is real! google it.
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Week 3-Gluten/Wheat Free Challenge

So this week will be frugal with lots of leftovers and repeating meals. Since we are moving we have been really short on funds. Paying for the van, damage deposit etc can add up quickly especially paying for everything up front.
Anyway here is what I’ve mustered up: Continue reading

Week 2- Gluten/wheat Free Challenge

Life is so hectic this coming week.
I’m back to teaching dance and doing hair at the salon after the holiday.
We also just got approved for a new apartment! YAY I’m so excited to finally move! We have lots of meetings to get everything sorted for the move so I’m spending quite a lot of time on transit this week.

This week is not very exciting as far as meal plan goes. It is based on our work schedules and convenience. I’m working 6 days a week so every thing has to flow. Continue reading

Week 1 Pt. 2- Intro to Gluten/Wheat Free

My First week of eating gluten/wheat free is over! It was so much easier than I thought. I’m finding that I feel fuller with less food. I find I’m not hungry 30 min after eating.  I’m still experiencing the “Dinner Baby” after eating but it might be sodium.
I started off the week with this meal plan-> Click Here
It did not go to plan but it still worked out great! Continue reading