Happy New Year!

vancouver-new-yearsWishing Everyone a Happy New year!
Thank you all so much for following and subscribing to my blog. It is fairly new and I have some big plans for it this coming year.

Is anyone doing any resolutions for 2013?

Mine aren’t really resolutions but goals. They range from personal, financial, and business goals.
My “diet” and fitness goals fall into the personal goals category. I don’t have goals to become skinnier or to have a six pack as they never (or rarely) ever work.
I want to experiment with different foods, “diet” styles (gluten free for Ex.), and figure out what makes me feel the best on the inside.
I want to find fun and easy was to stay active. I have lots of joint problems so I want to figure out a routine that will build my muscles to support my knees, ankles, back, wrist etc. This will take some more intense workouts but I do want to also experiment with lifestyle activities that would also work for busy people and families.
Here is the link to my “Thirty One day Makeover” its a great start with easy steps to change your lifestyle habits to add to your daily routine. They are simple and easy and can fit it to what your already doing.
Click Here

I am so thankful for the support I have had on my journey so far and I hope to engage more people this year.
I would love to hear from you and what your goals are for this year so please respond in the comments 🙂


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