Week 1 Pt. 2- Intro to Gluten/Wheat Free

My First week of eating gluten/wheat free is over! It was so much easier than I thought. I’m finding that I feel fuller with less food. I find I’m not hungry 30 min after eating.  I’m still experiencing the “Dinner Baby” after eating but it might be sodium.
I started off the week with this meal plan-> Click Here
It did not go to plan but it still worked out great!

After a trip to 2 grocery stores we could not find any G/F lasagne noodles. I decided to alter the recipe to make Gluten Free Lasagne Casserole. We used vegetable pasta that was certified G/F instead of the lasagne noodles and it turned out just as good!

Another alteration was the bread. We did not find brown rice flour or potato starch. We did find xanthan gum but it was 20$ for a teeny bag! It was just not in the budget.
We decided to buy a box of pre-made bread mix where we just add water. It was gluten free, dairy free, and nut free. It was so easy and fit into the budget at 6$. I made it immediately made it when I got back home and it turned out so well! Even tasted so good, I almost prefer it.  (Click to see how I did it!)
bread box

We unfortunately did not get out to the butcher so we are saving chicken fingers to this coming week. In our sandwich we used deli meat that we could wrap in foil instead of plastic.

The Nori Wraps with the homemade teriyaki sauce was a mixed review.
The sauce turned out so awesome. The wraps tasted so good. The downfall was it was a giant mess! It would have been better to make sushi style rice and make sushi instead of using the nori as a wrap. The heat of the rice and peppers made it really hard to roll and everything kept falling out of the sides. A little tweaking and it would be amazing.

Stay tuned for the meal plan for week 2!
Do you have any G/W free recipes you like to share?

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