Week 2- pt.2 Gluten/Wheat free challenge

This week was all over the place! I definitely did not stick to the menu barely at all.
This is what I had planned forWeek 2
I made the chicken broth but not the soup. Hopefully this coming week.

I had sandwiches but I didn’t cook the bread enough this time so it tasted really gross.

I did have a wonderful dinner with friends on saturday. I decided not to adhere to my gluten free foods for this meal. She made this lasagna from costco with quinoa salad. It was so good!
Unfortunately, I ended up getting sick and had a stomach ache the rest of the night. Im not sure if there was any correlation.

Over all it was a bad week. I even cheated and had a beer (which did not make me sick)
Fingers crossed for week 3

Here are some pictures I captured:


The chicken broth. I used the bones from the chicken we bought for week 1. I also used the vegetable peels I’ve saved in the freezer.


Dinner saturday night. Mustard, honey and soy glazed salmon with rice and green beans.


My cheat of the week: granville island winter ale


Breakfast on sunday morning. I went to visit matt at work and he made me a”ginger rogers latte” and a wheat free banana nut muffin.

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