Yes the dreaded Monday has come…and gone by the time this will be up.
It was a cold one today. I woke up to snow! I hate the snow. Living 20 years in Ottawa I’ve had my fill.
Regardless of this cold and wet powder that attaches to everything I still had to get to work, today is a hairdressing day.
Ive got two pairs of rain boots I can wear in the snow. Magically both have the soles coming apart. On both pairs the upper portion has literally lifted off the sole to expose my poor little foot and make it all wet…and cold!
Did I mention I’m allergic to the cold? yes it actually is real! google it.

As per usual I walk the long way to work. In total it works to be 30 min of walking 6 days a week. Click here and here for why its a good idea to walk and take the stairs more.
I started my day with my all time favorite (healthy) breakfast. The 2 Ingredient Pancake. I have been using 2 eggs lately. Since finishing our year plastic free we can finally buy peanut butter. I had 1TBSP on top. It was delish.
2013-01-14 09.00.19Lunch was Vegan (ish) Mac & Cheese. The “ish” is due to our use of chicken stock instead of vegetable stock, regular butter and milk. Ill Post a recipe page for this soon. Once I do you’ll be able to Click Here
Its basically G/F pasta, onions, butter, flour(we used quinoa flour), stock, and nutritional yeast. Its so good I prefer it over KD.
2013-01-14 16.10.45
Dinner was a brand new recipe we from from Carrots n Cake. It was Yam Crust Pizza! She called it sweet potato but sweet potatoes look like a potato on the outside AND inside (white inside) they are just sweet. Yams however do not look like potatoes. They are oddly shaped and bright orange.
The crust turned out really well. It did not have the crispiness a flour crust would have but I really enjoyed it. Matt made the crust while I did the toppings. I marinated the bocconcini in some balsamic vinegar, cut up mushrooms and tomatoes and marinated them with grated garlic, EVOO and basil.
394932_10151341776033605_2144208733_nSnacks were simple and easy. I went to visit Matt at the coffee shop he manages and he made a a latte and a wheat free apple muffin. Later I massacred an apple with the flimsiest knife known to man. I still consider it a success because I finished with skin and fingers intact. Lastly, raw trailmix 🙂
734056_10151341378468605_4818653_nMonday’s are my grocery days. I’m supposed to do meal planning on Sundays but I was lame and went to bed at 9 so I just did that today too. Here is a link to my menu for week 3 of gluten/wheat free.
I went to Price Smart Foods (Save-On-Foods I think is converting to Price Smart) and I was reminded why I like it so much. During our plastic free year they have been our saving grace. Its a shame but they are the ones who have a decent bulk food section, they have paper bags for bread and put meat in your own container.  Now for even more to love they have clearly labeled all their gluten free products!
2013-01-14 11.19.25How easy is this to see? This was the “natural” section but even down regular isles you can spot the orange signs. Shopping was so exciting!
2013-01-14 20.45.54This is all I got to last us the week. If you read my previous blog entry you know that we are basically broke. We are Moving but have had to pay our damage deposit the moving truck and other moving expenses up front. We have definitely made it on a lot less but its time to get creative.

Check back tomorrow for more!
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