So its Tuesday…

I am throughly enjoying sitting here writing this post on my phone. I sat down to do some choreography just in time for our reliable internet (through Telus) not to work….for the 3rd time in an hour.
F%+*ing Telus.
Does anyone else have this issue with them??

Sorry for the mild rant…

Today was pretty uneventful. I did a bit of packing this morning. Most of our life is in boxes at the moment. We have so much stuff!

I felt like having a little spontaneity this morning. I had oatmeal with honey instead of my usual two ingredient pancake. *gasp*
I know right! Im living on the edge!
I also paired this with a coffee and some Girls Aloud.


I was productive in the kitchen and am super proud of my gluten free lasagna. I used these amazing noodles: “Tinkyada” brown rice pasta. The texture was amazing and it was so easy to work with. Definitely purchasing this again.
I assembled it this morning and matt threw it in the oven in time for when I got home.

Backtracking, lunch was a disaster. I had turkey sandwiches planned. Matt graciously made the bread yesterday. As I slice into it this is what I see…

Not sure of you can tell its barely baked state. So I tried to rescue it by putting the slice in the oven. It only kinda worked. I really love the taste if this bread but you really have to make sure to leave it for the appropriate amount of time even if you think its done.
I put my creative thinking cap on and remembered I bought some brown rice tortilla things. Perfect! I’ll have a wrap!
I used turkey, tomato, lettuce, and a few swypes of finely grated cheese.
*TIP*use the fine grater for cheese, it makes it seem like there is more cheese than there actually is. Less calories.:)

Looks good enough right?

Ya right…it broke right away. I tried to warm one up as well but still did not help. I ate it any way because my stomach was moving on to eat my insides if I didn’t get this in my stomach.
The wrap could have been so good! The insides were prefect the tortilla itself was hard in general. So tough and gritty almost. It cut the sides of my both as I bit into it. Im going to try and find a homemade gluten free option I can try next week.

For exercise today I was pretty lazy. I need to get my jiggly arse to the gym or something. I did my usual walking and got off early to add 5 extra walking minutes to work.

A few friends and I are going to do a 5km run around st Patrick’s day, the Vancouver Sun Run and the Lulu half marathon in August.
Two of us have a running date on wednesdays starting next week so hopefully that will kick my butt in gear.

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