Hump day!

Im so glad that I have survived the hump.

I started the day off with a beautiful brunch with my friend at Café Deux Soleil on commercial drive. They are a vegetarian/vegan place.
I ordered eggs and hash. I did not realize it came with bread but I did not eat the bread. It took everything in me to resist but I did.


For dinner I had leftovers of lasagna with some gluten free peanut butter cookies for a snack.
Today was definitely a random day full of “should haves…” But did my best.

Do you reach for the salty chips or the sugary cookies as your go to junk food choice?

I did exercise today!
After 6 hours at the studio getting costumes ordered and teaching I filmed my ICE exam with four good friends. Once we were done I realized the camera only taped 40 min! I thought I was going to cry. The class was 60 min long. Next wednesday will be attempt number 4 to film this. I just want to get it done!

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