Gluten Free lasagna

I winged this the other day and it turned out really well. Its really easy to adapt to your favorite ingredients.


Lasagna noodles (I used Annie’s G/F)
Tomato sauce ((Homemade is best)
Veggies of your choice (garlic, onion etc)
Olive oil
Cheese (finely grated)

-prep the noodles as directed on the box.
-In a frying pan, coat lightly with oil.
-Add and sweat minced garlic and chopped onions
-add veggies of your choice. I used kale and red chard.
– add a frozen cube of homemade veggie broth and place lid on to of the pan to “stream” the leafy greens.

Now your ready to layer.

Place tomato sauce as the base. Add pasta, sauce, veggies, pasta, sauce, veggies etc… Until your done.
On top add your finely grated cheese. I used mozzarella and bocconcini. If you like you can add sliced tomatoes to the top as well. I did and it went well.
Place in the stove for 45 min.

Let cool a little so its not burning lava hot
And enjoy!

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