February 2013

February already? January came and went in a blink of an eye.

Well, I’m excited for this month. Its the month in which I graced this earth 😉 ha
Yes, I’m turning 20*ahem*6 on Thursday the 7th. I thought turning 25 was difficult but turning 26 has been a little worse. I’m over the hump. There are no excuses now I’ve got to get my SH*T  together. Well, that’s how I feel anyway.
I’m feeling like with this blog I cannot turn back or put my goals and health on the back burner. By expressing my wants and goals here I feel more accountable and feel like I’m on a path for my sh*t to come together 😉

For my yearly goals *Click here*
January was to be Gluten free *click here* to see how it went

As for February I don’t have any plans to do any random challenges but I’m going to get a start on things and finish up loose ends.

Firstly, I’m adding a goal to my yearly list. Running the lululemon half marathon the sea wheeze. ooh writing that gives me shivers. Since running the 5km for Breast Cancer I felt so good I wanted something more. When two of my friends expressed interest in doing the Sea Wheeze I did not think long and hard about it…I just said yes. To be honest I have not really thought about doing it because ill psych myself out. So Ive downloaded a walk/run program app on my phone and ill start training on Wednesday with one of my friends. I’m pretty excited

Second Item on the agenda is to finish my friggen I.C.E exam video. through a broken arm, the flu twice, and the video capture failures 3x I WILL succeed filming tomorrow. Next up burning it and sending it in.

What are your goals and plans for February?
Have you done a running event? how did you train?

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