My new journey

I’m sorry I’ve been MIA. Since my last post I’ve been getting sicker and sicker. It all started with mild stomach aches in January. As these got more frequent and more intense I looked at what I was eating. The culprit seemed to be wheat/gluten and/or dairy. I tend to have these combos together and decided to cut them both out. Things seemed to be ok for a little while until I had dinner at a friends house. We all pitched to help cook and it was so much fun preparing and cooking. We had control over what we ate. Her son is celiac so that was easy to watch and we just did not use dairy. We ate chicken, sautéed mushrooms, and a wild rice blend with chorizo sausage we added. It was really very good especially with a nice glass of wine. Sure enough within half an hour I got cold sweats. At this moment I knew the wrath of this mysterious stomach pain was back! It turned into a burning pain with my body getting feverish. I immediately had almost 10glasses of water in hopes it would pass….as you can guess it did not. So off I went to bus 2 hours home. It was the worst bus ride, there was a Canucks game finishing so the trains were packed so I couldn’t even sit down. I’ve never been so happy to be home so I went to bad and slept soundly. The next morning I was fine! At least I felt fine. I was so happy so I was extra cheerful that day. My partner (Matt) and I made a super fantastic dinner that night. Seared ahi tuna, asparagus, quinoa, and shrimp kabobs in three flavours; all spicy.
All if a sudden I got really cold. I decided to ignore this and made myself believe that I was ok. Haha my body was not about to listen and the mysterious stomach burn came back and with a vengeance. It was so intense this time and hurt so bad. In the past I would go to bed and wake up feeling normal so I tired to sleep. I tried and tried but nothing I couldn’t sleep. The pain was constant but also got worse in waves that made me dizzy. Next thing I know it’s 6am and I cannot deal. I looked in the Internet to see if I should go to the hospital. I hate going there for silly reasons so if I go I have to make sure I actually need to. All the sites said go to the hospital if pain last 4 hours. As I count on my fingers (yes, still do) I count 9hours! I go wake up Matt and decide to go to the hospital. Lucky for us we live across the street. After some exams and talking to the doctors they believe that I have an ulcer. They can’t say for sure because they don’t do those tests there. So they gave me a “pink lady” and sent me home with a prescription.
So after a quick trip to my family doctor I got a blood test for an ulcer and celiac. I have not heard back about these tests so I’m still waiting.
In a long winded explanation this is why I’ve been MIA.
I’m back!!!!
Ive been talking with my friend who is studying to become a holistic nutritionist and during all of this I am taking part in her case study group. I was tracking all my meals and filling out all these forms for her to look at and give me advice.
We had such an enlightnig and educational conversation on food and my body and all that fun stuff. She forwarded me this 10 day gut healing ulcer diet that I started yesterday. I’m really excited to start my new journey to being healthy and learning so much more. One of my suggestions was to journal. I’ve never been big into journaling to myself so I thought why not blog my journey? I’ve been doing this blog for a while so why not integrate and share my knowledge and experiences with you?
So here we are I’m exited and optimistic 🙂


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