Thursday… On Friday

Week is almost over….for most people anyway.
I get home at 11pm on Thursdays and I pre made lunch for today. Forgive me, I did not post yesterday.
Yesterday was a great day. I woke up at 7 and did choreography till 2. I did pause for my usual breakfast routine and lunch which was veggie soup.
I had a very important task to do yesterday. I have been working towards getting my BCRPA certification in group fitness training. I did my fitness theory an my practicum and all the rest that goes with it. I got my video submission for my ICE(individual competency exam) back and I did very well. Mild gloating moment….I owned it! Im very proud. So yesterday was the day I handed in all my paperwork the the office downtown. They even let me do my renewal at the same time. Good thing because mine was expiring April 30th. Anyway as all that was hanging on me to get done I got it done. I was so happy I took tho photo in the elevator on the way down. Never mind the face….. I wanted to see if the security guard would say anything as I exited the building. There’s a camera and they watch on he screen in the front. Plus, how old is the duck face??? I’ve got the new selfie look down pat! This look emphasizes the largeness of your beautiful eyes and shows off your teeth and tongue. Can’t tell from the picture but that’s a sexy mouth……



Anyway, back on track.
After this I was early for dance so I took a walk along the water and enjoyed Mother Nature. She’s not PMSing so we have been pretty lucky.




I had dance again today 🙂 a lyrical, tap and jazz class. I was definitely ready for bed after all of that. I barely remember even getting Into bed.

Overall it was a nice day. I was able to relax and enjoy life in the most simple things. I could have taken the bus to dance but I decided to walk and I’m so glad I did.

Was it sunny and beautiful where you were? How did you enjoy Mother Nature today?


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