Fresh tomato bruschetta

I made this bruschetta recipe yesterday for a potluck BBQ at some friends house. Unfortunately due to my stomach conditions I could not eat this. Matt was my taste tester so I trust his word. It was well received at the potluck as well.

Fresh Tomato Bruschetta

2 packages cherry or grape tomatoes
4 cloves of garlic ( I love using lots)
1/2 red onion
Handful fresh basil and parsley
Parmesan cheese to taste
Squeeze of Lemon

Start by cutting your tomatoes. I like them quite small. I dislike finger appetizers that fall all over the place. I find finely chopped bruschetta is easier to handle.


Next, I used a mandolin for the onion. I also hate huge chunks of onion all of a sudden in your mouth. It can be overwhelming.
Then mince your garlic. I just use a sharp chefs knife to make it small. Like onion it can be overwhelming when to large.
I love fresh herbs and they make this recipe. If you use dried its honestly just not the same. If you roll your herbs in a ball and cut them that way it’s a lot easier. Chop your herbs fine as well.
Originally I did not add the Parmesan cheese. After Matt tasted it sans the cheese he suggested adding it. Since its salty in itself I did not add salt to this recipe. *Tip: if you grate your cheese with the fine grater it goes a lot farther. You won’t end up using as much cheese. This is both useful for your bank account as well as your calorie count.
After you add the cheese cut your lemon and squeeze into the mixture. You can always add more as you need.

Now that its all in a bowl you can mix it all up and let it sit for a few hours. This helps all the flavours meld together.


You can use a lot of different things as a vehicle for your bruschetta. As a kid I used to put in on toast or a bagel. Last night we just cut some baguettes cut on an angle. We opted not to toast the bread but you could, just be careful not to over do it otherwise you’ll have raw gums trying to bite into it.


Once your ready,spoon your mixture onto your bread. Don’t do it too soon. The bread could become soggy if it sits too long.

I really hope you like this recipe. Like most of mine they are fast easy and frugal. Hopefully soon ill be able to enjoy bruschetta 🙂


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