Back to the daily grind

Sorry for not posting over the weekend. I was way to tired at the end of the nights and just didn’t feel like it. I can tell today that PMS was to blame for my defiance in posting lol.

Well I hope that every one had a wonderful weekend. I came to a few tough situations socially.

On Saturday which was a really busy
Matt’s family friend was in town. They decided they wanted to go out to eat. We did some research on some restaurants where I could go. If I didn’t go it would be rude but if I did and did not eat in a restaurant that too would be rude. After a quick search we discovered Karmavore. Its a vegan cafe/grocery store for people who are vegan, raw, celiac, lactose intolerant among other allergies and lifestyles. It was perfect! I was able to get a raw vegan burger. I explained my situation and they adapted my meal just for me 🙂
Here is my delicious “burger” wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun.


I urge you to check it out if your in the area.

So Saturday night Matt’s friends invited us over for a BBQ. I was devastated. I went but ate before hand. We needed to bring an appetizer so that is why I made my bruschetta..,which I could not eat. Matt was nice enough to inform the hosts that I had to eat before hand for health reasons. I had hoped no one would notice I wasn’t eating but of course everyone did. So now instead of blending in I was on spotlight. I didn’t want to elaborate about my ulcer but I got “..the foods not good enough??” from one of the guests, followed by a laugh to make a joke but I still was upset about someone thinking that about me. So to save my reputation I had to explain. I had never met these people before and didn’t want to come across as some yuppie who is better than anyone. After this situation I faded in, which in my embarrassment was perfect for me. The other hardest part is all the food there. It all looked so good. I had eaten at 430. Everyone else ate at 7. By this time I was hungry and thinking I should have packed a snack. By the time 10rolled around when we left I was starving! I’m sure partly psychological because everyone else was eating the entire night except me but none the less I was starving.
I bunged in almonds when I got home. Not a good idea being close to bed but I did anyway.

So that’s most of the exciting notes worth noting about this weekend.

Have you found yourself in these type of situations? How do you handle it?

2 thoughts on “Back to the daily grind

  1. I find myself in these situations all the time. Being plant-based isn’t something that is well known in the UK yet, plus I’m allergic to gluten which makes things a bit more difficult. I don’t mind organising my own food, but I think people just want to be good hosts and feed you and they get upset if they don’t have something you can eat. I’ve found that offering to make something that everyone can eat and will enjoy is a good ice-breaker 🙂

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