Two Ingredient Cookies

Two ingredient anything seems to be all the rage lately. If you’ve been a reader of my blog from the start you know I have been a huge advocate for the Two Ingredient Pancake
I have heard and seen pictures of peoples two ingredient cookies consisting of oats and banana. Craving chocolate chip cookies I decided to experiment with this.

2 Bananas
1 cup oats (I used large flake)
Optional mix in’s (chocolate chips, nuts etc)

Set your oven to 350degrees

Grease your cookie tray. Since we are trying to be all healthy and stuff keep your hands off the butter and use coconut oil.

Get those arms working and mush the banana in its peel to soften.
Use a fork to make it into a soft mushy mess, conveniently contained in your mixing bowl of course.

Add your oats and mix until all of your oats are moist. Then add the mix in of your choice.

If your a delicate little flower you can use a spoon to scoop your batter into a cookie tray or if your not lame you can just use those 10 flanges you were born with.

Bake in the oven for about 15 min. If they fall apart on you give it a little more time.

Voila! Cookies!!!
Bon Appetit!

editors note next time I’ll throw the oats in the food processor or blender for a little wiz. I found my oats to be a little to big


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