Thirty One Day Makeover!

Just so you know…..(disclaimer)

Thirty One days to a healthier you. This is a great way to slowly make easy lifestyle changes for a healthier more balanced life. My inspiration was a Canadian Living magazine article I read a while back. Check back every day for new tips and ideas for becoming a healthier you!
Share with me what you think and how you are doing!

Day 31
Celebrate your success

Day 30
Schedule in some “me time”

Day 29
Choose brown carbs over white

Day 28
Ditch the fad “diets” for good

Day 27
Write down your coming months goal

Day 26
Replace juice with fruit

Day 25
Pick up a jump rope

Day 24
Start a healthy journal

Day 23
Work out with a friend

Decrease your coffee intake

Day 21
Only eat when you’re hungry

day 20
Try the gym or a fitness class

Day 19
Take 10,000 steps

Day 18
Fill your fridge with COLOUR!

Day 17
Trade an entree for an appy

Day 16
The 2 hour rule

Day 15

Day 14
Quench your thirst

Day 13
Grocery shop on a full stomach

Day 12
Pass on dessert

Day 11
Ditch the remote

Day 10
Walking and talking

Day 9
Clean Sweep

Day 8
Pack your lunches

Day 7
Take the stairs

Day 6
Eat Breakfast

Get 8 hours of sleep

Eat slowly

Cut out soda

Decrease or eliminate sugar from tea and/or coffee

Try an exotic fruit.



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