Two Ingredient Cookies

Two ingredient anything seems to be all the rage lately. If you’ve been a reader of my blog from the start you know I have been a huge advocate for the Two Ingredient Pancake
I have heard and seen pictures of peoples two ingredient cookies consisting of oats and banana. Craving chocolate chip cookies I decided to experiment with this.

2 Bananas
1 cup oats (I used large flake)
Optional mix in’s (chocolate chips, nuts etc)

Set your oven to 350degrees

Grease your cookie tray. Since we are trying to be all healthy and stuff keep your hands off the butter and use coconut oil.

Get those arms working and mush the banana in its peel to soften.
Use a fork to make it into a soft mushy mess, conveniently contained in your mixing bowl of course.

Add your oats and mix until all of your oats are moist. Then add the mix in of your choice.

If your a delicate little flower you can use a spoon to scoop your batter into a cookie tray or if your not lame you can just use those 10 flanges you were born with.

Bake in the oven for about 15 min. If they fall apart on you give it a little more time.

Voila! Cookies!!!
Bon Appetit!

editors note next time I’ll throw the oats in the food processor or blender for a little wiz. I found my oats to be a little to big


Off to a rough start

Yesterday was the official start day of my training and eating healthier.
It started off well with a nice sleep in with the beau and successful morning shakes.
Puttering around catching up on laundry and all the fun stuff in life left me drained. I had a headache and felt off. The only culprit I can blames caffeine, I always have one cup of coffee a day so not having on yesterday morning was killer. By 5pm I had to try a run, we downloaded this app which sets you up on a route around your area and we were set to do 5km. We started to run and by 0.5km My head was pounding! I pushed to try and finish but at 3km I couldn’t take it anymore so we headed back home.
I would strongly suggest to anyone who is looking at changing their diet AND training plan is to start the meal plan a week before. Training when your body is in detox is hell!
Today is a rest day but I’m back and at it tomorrow.
here’s hoping for a more successful Run.

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I’m Back!

A post from me!
But it’s been Over 6 months!

Yes… I know I know I have been MIA for the later half of 2013.
I experienced a bit If a rut in dealing with my ulcer and a few other issues. Blogging went from the back burner to completely off the stove for quite a while.
I miss being tied to this blog as it keeps me on track with all my health care and fitness goals.
Being honest, I’m not completely out of this rut but I need to make some changes if I want to get back to where I was. I miss being happy, feeling good and having energy.
I WILL turn this around.

I am all about making easy lifestyle changes and making things fit into everyday schedules but this year I have made a drastic decision to get my ass in gear.
If all goes well on feb 3 I will sign up to do the Seawheeze at the end of August. The Seawheeze is the lululemon half marathon. It was part of my goals last year but it was sold out by the time I went to register. I refuse that fate this year. I have mentally committed to this race and I will register for this event if it’s the last thing I do.

I will be blogging 1-2x a week to share my trials and tribulations as well as updating my social media pages daily so make sure to check them out.

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Cute Cucumber Sandwiches

Growing up I always loved to make cucumber sandwiches. They were so good and so refreshing.
Looking up lunch ideas I came across these cute cucumber sandwiches sans bread.
Here is my rendition of the cutest little lunch idea

One cucumber (thicker kind, Long English are too narrow)
1/2 avocado or Hummus
1Tbsp cream cheese (optional)
Alfalfa sprouts



Take your cucumber and cut it in 3-4 pieces then cut in half.
Use a spoon to scoop out the seeds and throw the seeds in your composter.


Mash up avocado and optional cream cheese. I used hummus for my second batch.

Scoop filling into both sides of cucumber and toss some sprouts on top. Put both sides together to make your sandwich.

Here’s the finished product. As you can see I added some celery, it serves two purposes- snack and to help the sandwiches from not moving around.
You can certainly eat these whole but since I am the most ungraceful eater ill just eat them as halves.

Let me know how you like them!
Check out how they fit into my morning routine here—-> Successful morning routine

Fresh Watermelon Salad

I’m in love with watermelons in general. I saw a recipe similar to this in a chatelaine magazine a long time ago. I did not rip the recipe out but I did guesstimate and made my very own recipe out of the ingredients I could remember. It was and ever has been magical! My favourite summer salad.

Watermelon Salad
I usually eyeball ingredients but ill do my best to add units.

1 small or 1/2 large watermelon
1 English cucumber
Handful fresh mint
1/2 lime
Dash of balsamic vinegar (optional)

Cube watermelon and cucumber into bite sized pieces and put in a bowl of your choice. Roll the mint and chop finely, add to bowl. Squeeze some line juice and add some salt to taste. If you would like add some balsamic vinegar.

Enjoy! I sure did 😉


How busy is too busy?

It’s been a while since I posted last. I’ve been pushing more 12 hour days than id like. I need a better way at combining all of my things. So far I only have one day off a week but its clearly not enough. Then as soon as June is done I have only part time work since teaching dance is done for the season. Ah the dilemma.

I’ve been working on a new song list for a group fitness cardio dance blast class. It’s a 60min cardio and conditioning class I’m calling ” dancing through the decades”. I’m pretty excited about it. Throughout the 60min it goes from music of the 50/60’s, right through to the 90’s. Now that I’m certified I can actually start teaching at places. I’ve just got to get past the nerves. I don’t do we’ll with new things. I know this and I’ve just gotta go for it.

Hopefully ill be adding some exercise videos to this blog instead of recipes only. That’ll be fun.

That’s all I got for today. Tomorrow im volunteering with the lovely Hannah Hart of my drunk kitchen and MyHato on YouTube. Then the rest of the day is mine!!!! Maybe some time to put together some videos 🙂

What are your favourite parts of the fitness classes you’ve participated in? Any dislikes?

Back to the daily grind

Sorry for not posting over the weekend. I was way to tired at the end of the nights and just didn’t feel like it. I can tell today that PMS was to blame for my defiance in posting lol.

Well I hope that every one had a wonderful weekend. I came to a few tough situations socially.

On Saturday which was a really busy
Matt’s family friend was in town. They decided they wanted to go out to eat. We did some research on some restaurants where I could go. If I didn’t go it would be rude but if I did and did not eat in a restaurant that too would be rude. After a quick search we discovered Karmavore. Its a vegan cafe/grocery store for people who are vegan, raw, celiac, lactose intolerant among other allergies and lifestyles. It was perfect! I was able to get a raw vegan burger. I explained my situation and they adapted my meal just for me 🙂
Here is my delicious “burger” wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun.


I urge you to check it out if your in the area.

So Saturday night Matt’s friends invited us over for a BBQ. I was devastated. I went but ate before hand. We needed to bring an appetizer so that is why I made my bruschetta..,which I could not eat. Matt was nice enough to inform the hosts that I had to eat before hand for health reasons. I had hoped no one would notice I wasn’t eating but of course everyone did. So now instead of blending in I was on spotlight. I didn’t want to elaborate about my ulcer but I got “..the foods not good enough??” from one of the guests, followed by a laugh to make a joke but I still was upset about someone thinking that about me. So to save my reputation I had to explain. I had never met these people before and didn’t want to come across as some yuppie who is better than anyone. After this situation I faded in, which in my embarrassment was perfect for me. The other hardest part is all the food there. It all looked so good. I had eaten at 430. Everyone else ate at 7. By this time I was hungry and thinking I should have packed a snack. By the time 10rolled around when we left I was starving! I’m sure partly psychological because everyone else was eating the entire night except me but none the less I was starving.
I bunged in almonds when I got home. Not a good idea being close to bed but I did anyway.

So that’s most of the exciting notes worth noting about this weekend.

Have you found yourself in these type of situations? How do you handle it?

Fresh tomato bruschetta

I made this bruschetta recipe yesterday for a potluck BBQ at some friends house. Unfortunately due to my stomach conditions I could not eat this. Matt was my taste tester so I trust his word. It was well received at the potluck as well.

Fresh Tomato Bruschetta

2 packages cherry or grape tomatoes
4 cloves of garlic ( I love using lots)
1/2 red onion
Handful fresh basil and parsley
Parmesan cheese to taste
Squeeze of Lemon

Start by cutting your tomatoes. I like them quite small. I dislike finger appetizers that fall all over the place. I find finely chopped bruschetta is easier to handle.


Next, I used a mandolin for the onion. I also hate huge chunks of onion all of a sudden in your mouth. It can be overwhelming.
Then mince your garlic. I just use a sharp chefs knife to make it small. Like onion it can be overwhelming when to large.
I love fresh herbs and they make this recipe. If you use dried its honestly just not the same. If you roll your herbs in a ball and cut them that way it’s a lot easier. Chop your herbs fine as well.
Originally I did not add the Parmesan cheese. After Matt tasted it sans the cheese he suggested adding it. Since its salty in itself I did not add salt to this recipe. *Tip: if you grate your cheese with the fine grater it goes a lot farther. You won’t end up using as much cheese. This is both useful for your bank account as well as your calorie count.
After you add the cheese cut your lemon and squeeze into the mixture. You can always add more as you need.

Now that its all in a bowl you can mix it all up and let it sit for a few hours. This helps all the flavours meld together.


You can use a lot of different things as a vehicle for your bruschetta. As a kid I used to put in on toast or a bagel. Last night we just cut some baguettes cut on an angle. We opted not to toast the bread but you could, just be careful not to over do it otherwise you’ll have raw gums trying to bite into it.


Once your ready,spoon your mixture onto your bread. Don’t do it too soon. The bread could become soggy if it sits too long.

I really hope you like this recipe. Like most of mine they are fast easy and frugal. Hopefully soon ill be able to enjoy bruschetta 🙂

Thursday… On Friday

Week is almost over….for most people anyway.
I get home at 11pm on Thursdays and I pre made lunch for today. Forgive me, I did not post yesterday.
Yesterday was a great day. I woke up at 7 and did choreography till 2. I did pause for my usual breakfast routine and lunch which was veggie soup.
I had a very important task to do yesterday. I have been working towards getting my BCRPA certification in group fitness training. I did my fitness theory an my practicum and all the rest that goes with it. I got my video submission for my ICE(individual competency exam) back and I did very well. Mild gloating moment….I owned it! Im very proud. So yesterday was the day I handed in all my paperwork the the office downtown. They even let me do my renewal at the same time. Good thing because mine was expiring April 30th. Anyway as all that was hanging on me to get done I got it done. I was so happy I took tho photo in the elevator on the way down. Never mind the face….. I wanted to see if the security guard would say anything as I exited the building. There’s a camera and they watch on he screen in the front. Plus, how old is the duck face??? I’ve got the new selfie look down pat! This look emphasizes the largeness of your beautiful eyes and shows off your teeth and tongue. Can’t tell from the picture but that’s a sexy mouth……



Anyway, back on track.
After this I was early for dance so I took a walk along the water and enjoyed Mother Nature. She’s not PMSing so we have been pretty lucky.




I had dance again today 🙂 a lyrical, tap and jazz class. I was definitely ready for bed after all of that. I barely remember even getting Into bed.

Overall it was a nice day. I was able to relax and enjoy life in the most simple things. I could have taken the bus to dance but I decided to walk and I’m so glad I did.

Was it sunny and beautiful where you were? How did you enjoy Mother Nature today?

Humpday-Cabbage, Carrots, & Rice! Oh My!

4 days into my gut healing process and I feel so good.

My morning routine swayed slightly. I bought a package of the Vega protein shake at the store and decided to give it a whirl. I really liked that it was thicker in consistency. At first taste all I could taste was artificial sweetener. It was strange. The surface of my tongue got numb feeling and it tasted exactly like that artificial sweeter you can taste in ‘diet’ drinks or ‘no sugar added’ items.
I looked up the non medical ingredients and they include:
“Natural Dutch cocoa powder, natural chocolate, cocoa, xanthan gum, stevia leaf extract.”
Could it be the Stevia extract? Stevia is definitely not artificial. I’m really not sure what I was tasting in this shake but It had me so thirsty. After drinking the shake I had to down 2 large water bottles before the thirst subsided.
Matt decided to try out a concoction of his own with the sprouted brown rice protein powder we already bought last Saturday.
He added a frozen banana and also melted the coconut oil like I did yesterday.
Curious about his concoction I took a teenie sip. Not knowing if I could have banana I though a sip would be best.
It was surprisingly tasty! I couldn’t believe that a simple banana could alter a taste that much! This trick will definitely make this shake more tolerable.

For lunch it was Matt’s turn to make lunch. He made a veggie soup. He used veggie broth and chopped up cabbage to look like noodles. He added cooked onion, carrots, and asparagus. It was delish. Quick, Easy, and Frugal!

For dinner I have to confess I “cheated” :s
I got Sushi!!
I got a cucumber roll and an avocado roll. I know I shouldn’t have because the mirin in the rice but I needed to spice things up a bit. I did not have soy sauce and it did take me from 6-9 to eat it all. I was not hungry today. I had nuts for snack at 1030 and 230 and that had me quite content. I knew I had to eat more so I ate all the sushi but I could have been fine without it.

I had dance again today. My wednesday schedule is 3 jazz classes and a dance conditioning class. Since it was a beautiful day I decided to take my students out for a run. Our little loop around the surrounding neighborhood was about 1.4miles…….and it took us 18min!!!! ha they are definitely not used to this type of thing but they gave it all they got and worked hard to complete it. They seemed to enjoy it and discussed goals for the next run 🙂

So that’s It for today. Its 11:30 and I’m ready for sleep!
Good Night!!!!

Do you drink protein shakes? what are your favorite brands?
have you tried Vega? What were your thoughts?