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Cute Cucumber Sandwiches

Growing up I always loved to make cucumber sandwiches. They were so good and so refreshing.
Looking up lunch ideas I came across these cute cucumber sandwiches sans bread.
Here is my rendition of the cutest little lunch idea

One cucumber (thicker kind, Long English are too narrow)
1/2 avocado or Hummus
1Tbsp cream cheese (optional)
Alfalfa sprouts



Take your cucumber and cut it in 3-4 pieces then cut in half.
Use a spoon to scoop out the seeds and throw the seeds in your composter.


Mash up avocado and optional cream cheese. I used hummus for my second batch.

Scoop filling into both sides of cucumber and toss some sprouts on top. Put both sides together to make your sandwich.

Here’s the finished product. As you can see I added some celery, it serves two purposes- snack and to help the sandwiches from not moving around.
You can certainly eat these whole but since I am the most ungraceful eater ill just eat them as halves.

Let me know how you like them!
Check out how they fit into my morning routine here—-> Successful morning routine

Day 18- Fill your fridge with COLOUR

I was at the grocery store the other day getting odds and ends to make a special dinner for Matt. I grabbed some tomatoes, lettuce, avocados, kale, lemons, onions etc…
So I bring my little basket to the till and put my stuff on the belt  sandwiched in between two others.
I look down and I feel an overwhelming sense of pride in the selections I’ve made. I look to the items from the gentleman to the left and see bagels in plastic bag, danishes in the plastic container and a few frozen items in boxes. The two older ladies to my left have the same or similar items. All beige and dull in colour.  In between on the belt is a cornucopia of colors, crisp and fresh. I’ll have to admit I puffed up my chest because I really knew then all of the effort I put in to eat healthy and plastic free has been worth it. I really stood out with my seemingly glowing produce. I hoped that I actually stood out enough to make the people around me notice and actually think about adding fresh colour to their carts.

Challenge today is to fill your fridge with an array of colors…the brighter the better 🙂