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Off to a rough start

Yesterday was the official start day of my training and eating healthier.
It started off well with a nice sleep in with the beau and successful morning shakes.
Puttering around catching up on laundry and all the fun stuff in life left me drained. I had a headache and felt off. The only culprit I can blames caffeine, I always have one cup of coffee a day so not having on yesterday morning was killer. By 5pm I had to try a run, we downloaded this app which sets you up on a route around your area and we were set to do 5km. We started to run and by 0.5km My head was pounding! I pushed to try and finish but at 3km I couldn’t take it anymore so we headed back home.
I would strongly suggest to anyone who is looking at changing their diet AND training plan is to start the meal plan a week before. Training when your body is in detox is hell!
Today is a rest day but I’m back and at it tomorrow.
here’s hoping for a more successful Run.

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Sunday funday

I was supposed to post this yesterday but ill soon get to why I did not.

I woke up optimistic on Sunday morning at 7 am. I bought everything I needed at planet organic and thrifty foods on Saturday. Matt and I both had to go to work so we worked together to get the day going. I had made lunch the night before so he made the shakes in the morning.
I started breakfast with l-glutamine and water then 1/2 tsp of Manuka honey. Apparently the Manuka honey helps kill the h. Pylori bacteria (ulcer) and I am happy because I love sweets 😉

My morning shake consists of 1cup of almond milk we made from scratch, one scoop of brown rice protein powder, and 1tbsp coconut oil. This is what it looked like:


Does it look good?

Hell no!! it looks bad and tastes bad haha I should have gotten the small package but oh we’ll. I’m gonna stick it out. This is the one I got


After some sealicious omega fish oil breakfast was done. Overall not so bad.

I work at the salon today so here is what I packed. I did bring almonds and cashews but they were soaking while I took this picture.


At snack time (before and after lunch) I had 1/4 cup of almonds and cashews and half of a zucchini made into sticks.

For lunch it was about a cup and a half of quinoa, steamed asparagus, carrots and cabbage. It was pretty good.
Afterwards, I asked about eating the quinoa and learned that for my stomach at this time it would be too complex to digest so I’m going to stick with rice from now on.

Unfortunately at work around 130 I started to get really hungry. I had the Rest of my snacks and had herbal tea. This did nothing. I finished work at 5 but seemed to get hungrier and hungrier to the pointe of getting a migraine. My coworker drove me home but stopped at the store first. I decided to get 85%cocoa bar. I had a 2 squares in hopes to get better but did not.
Home came pretty quick and decided to look up some more substantial recipes with my allowed foods for this 10 day stomach healing diet for an ulcer. Spinach rice casserole! Sounds yummy, i omitted spinach for cabbage and got some veggie broth. I’ll post this recipe and have the link here when I post it.
I got to the part where it’s supposed to simmer, lucky Matt came home so I said “can you set a timer for 15min then can you serve it up?” And as the sweetheart he is he obliged. 15 min came and it was burnt!!! With this migraine I neglected to think to turn the burner on low to simmer. Damn it, not my finest culinary moment. I ate most of it anyway. I was so hungry and wanted to eat. After that I fell asleep and slept well.
This post was supposed to be done last night but as you could understand it did not get done. I woke up with a mild headache but water and my morning routine fixed it pretty well.
I’m so thankful for my friend whose given me all this information and taking the time to help me out. Without her I don’t know what I could have done. I’m on a road to really understanding what my body needs.
I’m also so thankful for Matt. He knows exactly what I need and just does it without me asking. He makes sure I am comfortable when in pain and does everything to help me out. He is so caring and loving. I’m so thankful he is part of my life.
I think that today I was nice to myself by starting the journey. I’m starting to listen to my body and giving it what it wants. I still have lots to learn but starting somewhere is the start.

Have you ever suffered from an ulcer before? What were the steps you took to heal?

Hump day!

Im so glad that I have survived the hump.

I started the day off with a beautiful brunch with my friend at Café Deux Soleil on commercial drive. They are a vegetarian/vegan place.
I ordered eggs and hash. I did not realize it came with bread but I did not eat the bread. It took everything in me to resist but I did.


For dinner I had leftovers of lasagna with some gluten free peanut butter cookies for a snack.
Today was definitely a random day full of “should haves…” But did my best.

Do you reach for the salty chips or the sugary cookies as your go to junk food choice?

I did exercise today!
After 6 hours at the studio getting costumes ordered and teaching I filmed my ICE exam with four good friends. Once we were done I realized the camera only taped 40 min! I thought I was going to cry. The class was 60 min long. Next wednesday will be attempt number 4 to film this. I just want to get it done!

Happy New Year!

vancouver-new-yearsWishing Everyone a Happy New year!
Thank you all so much for following and subscribing to my blog. It is fairly new and I have some big plans for it this coming year.

Is anyone doing any resolutions for 2013?

Mine aren’t really resolutions but goals. They range from personal, financial, and business goals. Continue reading

Day 10- Homemade Crackers

I’m so in love with this recipe.
Living this year plastic free Im unable to purchase crackers because of the plastic bag. I came across this recipe from Epicurious for crisp rosemary flatbread.

I took this recipe and made it my own.
Instead of making flat bread, I rolled it out and cut it like crackers.
I also experimented with different spice and herb combo’s
One of my favorite herbs is dill. So I used dill in place of rosemary and used 1/4 cup pickle juice and 1/4 cup water and used less salt. OMG so good!
I also tried using sweeter spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg. It was just okay.
I would definitely stick with the savory spices/herbs.
you can also split 1/2 white and 1/2 whole wheat flour.

Check out the recipe here!
Crisp Rosemary Flatbread


Day 9- Homemade Tortillas

Making tortillas are a lot easier than we had first anticipated. It took a while before we found a recipe we liked.

below is the recipe we have been using with out fail multiple times.
Homemade Tortillas
Click here for more detailed instructions
We used 1 cup whole wheat flour and 2 cups white flour.
We have yet to discover a no fail whole wheat tortilla recipe but I will keep you updated if we find one.
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How to do a proper SQUAT.

Squats are the most hated and the most loved exercises.
-tones your legs and lower half
-lifts your bum 😉
-strengthens core
-builds mobility and balance
-build muscle to support knees
-one of the most functional exercises for any and every body in real life
-they are hard
-makes your muscles burn like a b*~$h Continue reading

Day 19- take 10,000 steps

The average inactive person takes roughly 3,000 steps per day. These steps are taken usually around the house doing regular daily activities.

As an active person or someone who would like to become more active they should aim around 10,000 which is roughly 5 miles. If you exercise or walk regularly for 30-60 min these steps are achieved or even surpassed.

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