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Day 17- trade an entrée for an appy


I’m so excited for this weekend! I’ve got some beach time planned tomorrow and then dinner with friends in the evening.
Todays challenge is today instead of tomorrow so we can think about it all weekend. Most of us go out to eat and such over the weekends so I thought this challenge was perfect for the weekend. Continue reading

Day 16- the 2 hour rule

To succsufully loose weight our keep it off, you’ll need to stop eating two ish hours before going to bed.
Continue reading

Day 8- Pack your lunches

Packing your lunch seems so easy …right?

Not for me anyway…At the start of every week I always set out to pack my lunches.
Monday is great! I have the coolest lunch filled with the best looking (and healthiest) sandwich, perfectly sliced veggies and fruit and some mouth watering snacks.
Tuesday usually is whatever I can find and throw in…a whole cucumber? SURE ill cut it at work.
Wednesday is a trip to the local -overpriced- sandwich place or sushi bar. Continue reading

DAY 4- Eat slowly

This one always reminds me of my brother, growing up he was always told to eat slowly and don’t inhale your food lol.
The world today is so rushed and we all feel like we have so much to do with no time to do it.
Its tough to have sit down meals every night and when meals do come around we tend to “inhale” or gobble our food down just to get it over and done with. Continue reading

The Weight Is Over!………….Finally!

I am extremely passionate about fitness and health & wellness.
I’m a dance teacher (among many diff. jobs) and have my BCRPA certification in group fitness. Over these past few years I have been reading more and more about safe training for different types of fitness and nutrition. The more I read the more I saw ad’s and claims such as “flat abs in 6 days no exercise required” or “shed fat by cutting carbs”. A bit of  schooling and common sense had me question these claims. Is this true? Can this happen? How? This cannot be possible!
The more I read the more I believe there is a simple solution to looking and feeling your best……

CONSISTENTLY Eat Clean and Exercise.

That’s it!
So simple we overlook it.

No one EVER should cut out any food group. Eat the amount of calories you need to maintain or achieve your goals and exercise everyday.

Now I’m sure your thinking ya right whatever who has time for that?
I bet you that with a little time management (which ill give you pointers) you can eat clean (and taste yummy) and exercise everyday, even with kids!

So I challenge you to follow and join me in my journey to become healthier and build a lifestyle that works!

I will post exercises for both the gym goers and the stay at homers. Ill give you tips for time management so you can maintain. I will also post some yummy clean recipes for you to try.
So stay tuned as I will post as often as possible. I will post about the challenges and triumphs just to keep it interesting.