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Day 27 – Veggie Chili

So this recipe I normally wing after a quick call to my Dad and Step-Mom. My Dad is the king of meat chili and I always ask his advice. This time I ended up getting the low down from my Step mom because she has made meatless chili before. Her tip this time was to add a little bit of curry powder. I was skeptical even as I was making it but I gotta say it was actually pretty good. You don’t taste the curry powder right away but its more of an after taste that pleases your taste buds for a brief moment before disappearing.
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Day 22- Minestrone Soup

Wonderful recipe that has never failed. Ive made it tonnes of times and have never been disappointed.
I got this recipe from the “Living the g.i. diet” by Rick Gallop. Continue reading

Day 6- Veggie Shepherd’s Pie

So Today I’m linking you to another blog.
My Partner and I use a lot of her recipes, especially this one.
Our regular substitution is switching out the regular potatoes for sweet potatoes or yams. We also use fresh tomato instead of canned.

Click Here to see the recipe ———>Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie